We have lots of exciting changes coming this Fall!  God is at work and has big things in store for our church during this ministry year, and it all starts here with Harvest Refresh.  We're bringing something fresh to every area of ministry.  Keep reading for a full list of the changes to come:


We're launching a second location!  That's right, God has led us to plant another church in our area.  We've hired Pastor Benny Stiltner as pastor for this new location, and have begun planning the launch for sometime in 2020!


We're adding a third service time at Union County! In addition to our 8:30am and 10:30am services, we will be offering a third service - just like the first two - on Sunday evenings at 5pm.  This third service begins on Sunday, September 29th!

Of course, this is an awesome opportunity for more volunteers to step up and serve!  If you're not serving yet, or if you want to take on more responsibilities as we continue to expand, please join us! We'll get you plugged-in to leading the charge through this third service.



We're refreshing the structure of our small groups to better meet the needs of our church.  Instead of occurring twice-per-month all calendar year round, small groups & classes will be taking place in 10-week-seasons.  Members will sign up to join either their small group or a class beforehand.

During the 10-weeks, groups will be closed to new members until the break before the next season.  We believe this will foster deeper conversation and build trust among you and the people in your small group.

Every 10-weeks, small groups & classes will take a 6-week break.  During the break, groups & classes will become open for anyone new to join.  During breaks, we will be training up new small group leaders and encouraging you to invite new members into your group.



Beginning this Fall, we will also begin to offer a series of classes on several different subjects.  Sign ups for classes will open Sunday, August 18th - classes will begin Tuesday, September 10th from 7-8pm at Harvest UC.  Instead of joining a small group, you may choose to take a season and be part of a 10-week-class, or vice versa.  

Depending on your season of life, you may be able to do both!  The choice is yours.

The 3 classes we are excited to offer for the first 10-week-season are:

Basics: Intro to Christianity

Discipleship: Meeting with God

Bible: Old Testament



We're excited to begin a new kids curriculum this Fall!  The Gospel Project will be our guide as we journey through the Bible, leading our children to have an intimate relationship with Jesus and to have a positive influence on their friends.

We're also excited to be able to better meet the needs of our children in the ages and stages of life where they are, so this year we will be gathering as Harvest Kids Elementary (K-2nd grades) and Harvest Kids Intermediate (3-5th grades) on 1st & 3rd Wednesday evenings of the month from 7-8:30p.

On 1st and 3rd Wednesday nights of the month, Harvest Kids (K-5th grades) will gather on campus at Union County in the Kid's wing for Full House Wednesday.  Our first Full House is Wednesday, September 4th.


harvest students

Harvest Students will begin gathering at 7-8:30p on Wednesday evenings at Union County starting August 21st.  We're excited to best meet the needs of our growing number of students as Harvest Students Middle School (6-8th grades) and Harvest Students High School (9-12th grades).



We're updating the way we handle online giving at Harvest.  Enter PushPay, an app that will make it as convenient as possible for you to set up online and reoccurring giving.  Look out for the launch of PushPay in the near future!

Many of you use the Harvest UC app for giving, event registration, and much more.  Very soon, we'll unveil a brand new app that will be an even more powerful tool for you to use!  Once you download our new app, discontinue using our old app, as it will no longer be maintained.

We're also excited to provide RightNow Media as a gift to anyone who regularly attends Harvest.  RightNow Media is a streaming library of video content that inspires faith every day of the week, filled with study videos, kids content, and so much more.  This platform is also how we will host our very own Harvest volunteer trainings in the future, so be on the look-out for the link to access RightNow Media - coming to all members via email from us.