As a body of believers, we are a church family. We’re called to be in community with one another, engaged in mutual ministry by serving, loving, and encouraging one another. God’s Word calls us to be a hospitable people; hospitality is one of the ways we show love in action to others, especially in the body of Christ. “Above all keep loving one another earnestly…show hospitality to one another…” (1 Peter 4:8a, 9a) Throughout the summer, we are able to be on mission by gathering together in our homes for worship and fellowship. 


  • Seek out other church members or neighbors and invite them in to join you in your home for one of our Online Gatherings
  • Invite as many people as you are comfortable hosting, realizing that not everyone will be ready or willing to gather in groups yet - show grace in this time
  • Communicate plans for the time you'll be gathering together - when to arrive, what time to depart, the gathering time you'll be joining, any meal plans, expectations for children, etc. Respect your host and their home!
  • Be ready to broadcast the Gathering on an appropriate device with a large screen and reliable internet connection - we also suggest you have an adequate sound system and encourage you to turn it up and sing together!
  • Keep conversation before and after focused on encouragement and prayer
  • Look for ways to be hospitable and open your doors to others