30 MINUTES for 30 days

What would change if you got alone with God and encountered Him daily? 

What would change in your mindset, your spirit, and your actions? 


Don't believe it? Take the challenge.

>>> V30_Workbook.pdf <<<


1: Fast

Choose something you spend time doing daily to give up for the entire challenge.

2: Fill

Spend time with God. At least 30 minutes.

Worship: Listen, pray through and/or sing with a few worship songs. Feel free to use the Vertical 30 playlist on Spotify.

Word: Read the assigned chapter for each day.

Write: In your journal, write responses to the questions from your daily reading. Follow up with a written prayer. Date your entry.

3: Follow

Follow Harvest UC Students Vertical 30 Challenge on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and/or the Harvest Students webpage on the church website, where you will find daily videos and posts. Comment and share!