1. Why give online?

Our secure online giving is the safest way you can give.  It's fully digital, reducing the number of people who handle your money and the chances of fraud. At Harvest, we want to be as accountable as possible with your donations.

2. Can I specify a purpose for my donation?

No. All donations go into the general church fund, unless we announce a separate fund for a specific ministry or event, such as Vision Uganda.

3. When will my donation process?

Donations usually process for two business days before appearing in your bank account, but this might look different if you donate on weekends or evenings. For example, if you give on Friday, your donation might not process until Tuesday. If you give after 5 PM on Friday, it might not process until Wednesday. 

4. Does giving online cost the church extra?

Your entire donation goes to the church and the church pays a small processing fee for the online giving service. But compared to the man-hours spent managing physical donations, online giving saves money.