The Anatomy of a Disciple
Matthew 5:13-16


Indifference is a sure path to ineffectiveness. We must live on purpose!

Read Matthew 5:13-16

Question #1

We are salt. This distinctiveness must be protected because it is possible to become useless! One way to lose our saltiness is living as if we can compartmentalize our life in Christ.

• Are there any parts of your life that you have tried to compartmentalize from your life in Christ?

(faith, family, job, hobbies, money, pursuits) If so, why do you think you do this?

• What changes would have to be made in order for you to live a life with Christ as the filter to all areas of life?

Question #2

Jesus said we are the light of the world. This light is a reflective light; as the moon reflects the sun, we reflect the light of Christ. As it would have been absurd in this culture to hide your lamp, it is absurd for a believer to hide God’s glory from others.

• When are you most tempted to hide the light of Christ?

• Is there any desire, hobby, interest, activity, financial activity, or relationship that you believe would be better if it remained separate or hidden from your life in Christ? If so, why?

• How has living a life in Christ changed your faith, family, job, hobbies, money, pursuits?

Question #3

Your intent and motivation matters. The life of a believer is a call to be seen and heard and unseen and unheard.

• In what situations do you strive to be seen and heard?

• In what situations do strive to remain unseen and unheard when Christ would have you do otherwise?

Question #4

“Good Works” in this context are visibly good and appealing to the eyes of the onlooker.

• When have you experienced others around you doing good works and your response was, “Wow, God is amazing. God is so great!”?

• Do you have any patterns of ugly works (self-righteous/harsh correction of others, grumpy giving, self-righteous/prideful social media posts, etc.) in your life from which you need to repent and turn to Christ?

• Do you have any bitterness in your heart toward others who have done ugly works that you need to take to Christ and be cleansed of?