Luke Series | Pastors Steve Stoltzfus | 
Luke 19:28-20:18


Read Luke 19:28-48

  • Jesus wept over the lost. 
    What are some of the heart attitudes you see in Christians for the lost? 
    How is your heart attitude similar to Jesus’ heart for the lost? 
    How is it different?   
  • As Jesus desired a pure temple for worship, God desires a pure hearts that worship him.  He calls us to present our bodies to Him as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to Him (Romans 12:1, 2). God sees every part of our hearts.  He knows which parts need disassembled and rebuilt by him.
    Tell a specific area of your heart that you need Jesus to disassemble, cleanse, and rebuild. 

    Adore-Pray and worship God for WHO he is.
    Confess-Confess the sin he’s revealing to you.
    Thanksgiving-Give thanks for the gospel, that Jesus died for your sin, bore the wrath of and paid the punishment for your sin, that your sins are fully forgiven-past, present, and future-for God revealing the parts of your heart that need purified.
    Supplication-Ask God to do what only He can do in this area, transforming you into a true worshipper.  Ask God for strength and grace to walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh.


Read Luke 20:1-18


  • God revealed his compassion, mercy, kindness, and patience to the lost, repeatedly sending prophets to them, and they time and time again rejected him.  God desires that none would perish but those who reject him will suffer eternal punishment.
    Is the reality of Hell hard for you to accept?  Why?
    Who in your life can we pray for with you to come and surrender to Christ?
  • The religious leaders despised Jesus’ appointed authority and feared man.
    Is Jesus’ authority over you a comfort or a hindrance?
    What is your attitude toward the authority appointed over you-in your family, church, work, community?
    What are you tempted to compromise because of fear of man (being controlled by what man thinks about you rather than God)?